Model Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
BE-Combi 3500PLUS System
Description We have been able to deliver these 2 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters with the BE-Combi 3500PLUS System and refrigerated container to Bidfood from Ede. Every day they work from different disciplines towards the same goal: connecting the food professional with the best international and local offer. The combinations are equipped with a refrigerated body with a side door. The combinations can also be driven with the BE driving license.
About Bidfood Bidfood, a leading company as wholesaler in the online world for food professionals, has taken delivery of two BE-Combi 3500PLUS Systems based on the MB Sprinter for delivery of product, especially in cities.
Bidfood serves a wide verity of customers such as Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitalities and Company Restaurants. Many of these customers are located in the cities and sometimes difficult to reach narrow locations. The need for a flexible distribution vehicle does not need further explanation.
Because of the fact that the products must be transported within a certain temperature range, the vehicles are equipped with a isolated body with a reefer unit. Because of the weight of such a body, a standard Light Commercial Vehicle does not offer enough payload and capacity.
The BE-Combi 3500PLUS solution With the BE-Combi conversion, we have created a vehicle with enough space for both refrigerated product and cooled product because the body is separated into two compartments with a dual-temp reefer unit. With a net payload of 2.300 kilos and space for 12 food containers, this BE-Combination fulfills all of the required specifications of Bidfood.

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