BE-Combi, the specialist in payload and load capacity

BE-Combi is a young, dynamic and rapidly growing business in Vuren, The Netherlands. The company is specialized in conversions of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) enhancing the payload and load capacity, especially for the BE-Driver License. With the 3500PLUS System, BE-Combi holds a leading position in the field of LCV conversions.

Brand independent

The company is brand independent. Most of the sales is taking place through the Brand dealerships and body builders. About 20 percent of the total sales is going directly to the end users. BE-Combi maintains a solid relationship with the manufacturers of the different brand and has obtained a LONO (letter of no objection) from most of these manufacturers. Next to that, there is a cooperation agreement with the OEM’s, supporting BE-Combi with its homologation processes.

Innovative Transport Solutions

Al of the products are designed and engineered in-house and final assembly to a final product takes place in our own workshops. All of our products are designed and produced at high quality levels, ensuring our customers years of trouble-free operation. BE-Combi has an European Type Approval on many of its products, these homologations are also proof for the quality of the organization and products.

Our Goal

Every day the people of BE-Combi are ready for you as a valued customer, creating innovative quality products whereby customer satisfaction is our main objective.


Azewijnseweg 12
4214 KC Vuren
The Netherlands

Our solutions 3500PLUS System

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