Model Iveco Daily
BE-Combi 3500PLUS Combinatie
Opmerkingen First BE-combinations for Babypark Kesteren. In cooperation with Iveco Schouten in Tiel, Babypark Kesteren has, after careful consideration and a one-month trial period with different suppliers, decided to purchase four Iveco Daily BE-Combinations. Two vehicles will be deployed at subsidiary Babydump in Sint-Oedenrode. With almost 25 branches in total Babypark is a very large player in the field of baby articles. Besides the Netherlands Babypark has branches in Belgium and Germany. The Iveco Daily vehicles are fully equipped with an automatic transmission, navigation, apple carplay, cruise control and air conditioning. The cargo box is tailor-made and fitted with all the necessary facilities for optimum load securing and a robust step for easy entry and exit from the box. Finally, a camera system provides optimum visibility when reversing. The load capacity of the vehicles is approximately 2,850 kilograms. The vehicles will be used for deliveries to company branches and home deliveries.

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