Model Iveco Daily
BE-Combi 3500PLUS Systeem
Description ASAAA Consolidators from Amsterdam has recently taken delivery of a BE-Combi 3500PLUS system based on the Iveco Daily, executed with a curtain-sider body.
ASAAA consolidators serves numerous customers in the Amsterdam region and beyond. Due to the demand of customers with bigger cargo pieces and heavier loads the company had to look for a robust alternative suitable for the drivers with a BE-Driver License.
Some of the cargo contains bigger pieces of machinery on oversized pallets that cannot be loaded with the standard tail lift. Therefore the body is equipped with a curtain-side on the driver side allowing the company to load the BE-Combination through the side of the body.
For the standard operation the tail lift can be used and for the packages, a side door in the other wall of the body can be used. All together a multi-purpose vehicle that is successfully in operation with a very satisfied customer.

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