New distributor in Belgium for BE-Combi

BE-Combi has appointed a new distributor in Belgium. The acceptance of the BE-Combi concept has been at a considerable level for a longer time and the number of requests for the BE-Combi 3500 PLUS System is growing. In order to meet this growing demand on a local level, BE-Combi has entered into a partnership with the company LMJ Construct from Turnhout, Belgium 

LMJ Construct:
LMJ Construct, just across the border in Turnhout, has been active for over 10 years in the field of Service, repair and renovation of existing vehicles and trailers. In addition, they are dealer of a number of brands of trailers and semi-trailers and provide the construction of various bodies for trucks and light commercial vehicles.

Experience with BE-Concept:
Under the brand name Shortclick, LMJ has years of experience in the field of the BE-Concept however, due to the complex legislation and regulations and the stringent requirements of the vehicle manufacturers, LMJ decided to fill in these growing activities with the 3500PLUS System of BE-Combi. Meanwhile, BE-Combi has provided a large part of its systems with both a vehicle manufacturer's approval and the European Type Approval. With these approvals, the registration of the BE-Combi, according to the Belgian legislation, has become just a formality.

Successful start of the collaboration:
Almost ten systems have already been ordered from BE-Combi International and a lot of work is being done to ensure a professional introduction at the various commercial vehicle dealers, with whom LMJ Construct maintains a very good relationship. In this way, an excellent start has been made with this collaboration and there are also good positive prospects.

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