New Distributor for the Baltic States and Finland for BE-Combi

BE-Combi International has appointed a new Distributor for the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Finland. Tarfurgo OÜ, and managing director Niek Slotboom of BE-Combi have signed the agreements for a 5-year Partnership.

Tarfurgo is a modern bodybuilder based in Tartu, Estonia and specializes in the construction of conditioned bodies. The company employs about 45 people and on average about 500 different bodies are delivered per year. Only a small part of the volume remains in Estonia. About 65% of the production is exported abroad, mainly to the Scandinavian countries, the other Baltic states and Poland. Tarfurgo has a strong network of independent Sales Agents based in these countries.

One plus one is two

Tarfurgo was looking to expand its product portfolio and came into contact with BE-Combi. BE-Combi in turn wants to expand its activities outside the Netherlands and is therefore looking for professional parties with a good reputation and a strong image to adopt the BE-Combi concept and make it available on other markets. Tarfurgo largely meets these criteria, which ultimately led to the agreement.

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