BE-Combi Systems increases safety with new IBS braking system

BE-Combi Systems is introducing a new braking system for light commercial vehicles with the 3500PLUS System and BE tractor-trailer combinations. The Intelligent Braking System (IBS) increases braking power, shortens stopping distance and thus contributes to safety on the road.

BE-Combi Systems with its HQ in Vuren, The Netherlands, is a specialist in increasing the payload and load capacity of light commercial vehicles, with products such as the BE-Combi 3500PLUS System and the BE-Combi tractor-trailer conversion. A unique feature of the 3500PLUS System, a short-coupled tractor-trailer combination, is its high payload of at least 2,500 kilograms. In addition, BE-Combi Systems specializes in the conversion of light commercial vehicles to tractor-trailer combinations.

Intelligent safety system
Light commercial vehicles are equipped with all kinds of safety systems, such as AEBS, ESP and ABS. However, these safety systems are limited to the vehicle itself. BE-Combi Systems has therefore developed IBS (Intelligent Braking System) to increase safety on the road. IBS automatically converts all signals from safety systems on the vehicle into a corresponding air-brake pressure for the trailer. The intelligent braking system increases the braking power, shortens the braking distance and prevents scissors or slippage in the event of an acute stop. IBS is suitable for both the 3500PLUS System and BE tractor-trailer combinations.

How does IBS work?
When a safety system is activated on the vehicle, the IBS braking system responds in a fraction of a second. Sensors continuously record the hydraulic pressure in the vehicle's braking system and translate it into the correct amount of air-brake pressure for the trailer.

Each vehicle has its own unique braking characteristics. The specific characteristics of all brands are recorded in the ECU of the IBS system and linked to corresponding air-brake pressure for the trailer. As a result, the correct air-brake pressure is sent to the trailer at every brake application of the vehicle under all circumstances. In the event of a malfunction, the IBS brake system automatically switches to a backup system. In this way, the driver is assured of a properly functioning brake system at all times.

About BE-Combi Systems
BE-Combi Systems has developed in recent years as a leading company in the field of vehicle conversions for light commercial vehicles that increase payload and loading capacity. With products such as the BE-Combi 3500PLUS System and tractor conversions, BE-Combi holds a leading position in the rapidly growing Last Mile market segment.

All BE-Combi products are suitable for the BE driving license and are therefore the answer to the ever-growing driver shortage with C and CE licenses. In addition, the compact BE vehicles are ideal for distribution in urban areas. With the dimensions of a light commercial vehicle and the load capacity of a truck, the BE combination is the ideal solution for logistics service providers.

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