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Bidfood, a leading company as wholesaler in the online world for food professionals, has taken delivery of two BE-Combi 3500PLUS Systems based on the MB Sprinter for delivery of product, especially in cities.

Bogra Uitvaartkisten B.V.

We delivered this VW Crafter with 3500PLUS System and loading platform to Bogra Uitvaartkisten B.V. from Enkhuizen. Bogra produces, as the name already suggests, coffins in all kinds and sizes. They will transport these coffins with the...

ASAAA Consolidators

We have delivered this Iveco Daily 3500PLUS System with curtain side body to ASAAA Consolidators. ASAAA Consolidators is its own carrier that will also develop transport assignments with this combination. The cargo bed is equipped with a sliding...


The first BE-Combi 3500PLUS System has been delivered to Pågen bakery in Sweden. A small driver's license is sufficient to drive the Renault Master 3500PLUS with insulated body, cooling engine and a net payload of approximately 2300 kilograms.


The first 2 VW Crafter BE-Combinations of a series of 5 that we deliver together with Van Mossel Bedrijfswagens from Waalwijk to Prowise from Budel. Prowise is a fast growing company that develops and produces touch screen displays for schools and...

Van den Born for Dolmans Landscaping Group

In cooperation with Van den Born Carrosserie we have built these 3 VW Crafter BE-Combinations for Dolmans Landscaping Group from Bunde. Dolmans Landscaping Group is a very big player in landscaping. Together they strive for the best end result for...

Tarfurgo OÜ for T. Laaksonen

First MAN TGE with BE-Combi 3500PLUS System and refrigerated body from Tarfurgo put on the road in Finland. This is the 2nd country where Tarfurgo registers a BE-Combi. This time a MAN TGE with 3500PLUS System and refrigerated body. The end...

Hokofarm Group B.V.

Hokofarm Group B.V., a Dutch subsidiary of the Danish SAC company has taken delivery of two new BE 3500PLUS Combinations based on the VW Crafter.

Leen bakker

Leen Bakker has chosen the concept of BE-Combi because of the high possible payload


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