Low-floor chassis

  • Available for Renault Master Chassis Cab, Front wheel Drive
  • Conversion with original Renault components
  • Available with unique 4,950 mm wheelbase
  • Maximum payload and capacity
  • The solution for grocery containers, Danish flower containers and clothing racks
  • Very suitable for relocation purposes
Suitable for BE driving license European Type Approval Low loading floor

The Low Floor Chassis is the solution for transporting grocery containers, bread containers, Danish flower containers and clothing racks. Fast loading and unloading is possible by using the “backdoor” as walk-in plateau. This results is optimal efficiency, at a minimum floor height.

How it works

The basis is a simple but proven technology: a lightweight box truck with a low loading floor on which a higher and longer body can be built. The lowered floor also results in very stable handling and makes loading and unloading easier. The low-floor chassis are available with and without air suspension. The BE-Combi solution has an European Type Approval.

Brief technical specifications

  • 4,950 mm wheelbase BE-Combi Special with European type approval 

  • 22 cm lower chassis, chassis height loaded 46 cm

  • If equipped with drop flap, ramp angle 11.2 degrees

Vehicle specifications

For the exact vehicle information, please download the specifications. In case that you have additional questions, please contact us.


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